Claire “The Canon” has earned her name over her training career. Born and raised in South Africa, she now resides in Calgary where she has been for the last eight years. Claire is a natural-born athlete excelling in any sport thrown her way, she even won competitions in jump rope. Later in life she hit the gym and started weightlifting, training, and trying different group fitness classes. Not only did she start to work out, she transformed her nutritional habits and now functions on a plant-based diet. Claire has a passion for helping people, and wants them to feel at their best physically, mentally, and emotionally. She believes that it isn’t just about coaching; it's about building relationships, and trust. You can guarantee that her classes will have a fiery intensity, but the pain is totally worth the gains.

What is your hometown?

Cape Town, South Africa

Why boxing?

Boxing is definitely the most therapeutic form of exercise; a release from reality, and a killer workout for toning, strength, stamina and mental agility. Boxing is exciting and an empowering activity that makes everyone feel like a bit of a badass!

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Passionate, personable, determined.

What is your ideal Sunday?

Oh you mean 'self-care Sundays?' They are a combination of good food, dog cuddles, and face masks. 

Motto to live by:

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself! 


Class style:

Boxing technique:  bar 7_copy2

 Overall intensity:  bar 9_copy2

         Killer playlist:  bar 9_copy3