Dustin Lee was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. His pugilistic passion started as a child when his parents decided to enroll him in a local karate dojo. Athletics involving school sports teams would make up most of his childhood but things would finally come full circle when years later he'd finally step foot into his first boxing gym. Competing as an amateur boxer would naturally happen after a few years of polishing his craft behind the doors of his local boxing gym. "I'm rarely satisfied when even rewatching my own fights, frankly I'd say I'm a stickler for solid fundamentals and I aggressively strive for perfection." In conjunction with his athletic ambitions, Dustin is also enrolled at Mount Royal University in a Bachelor's of Health and Physical Education. He's an aspiring Athletic Therapist. The Sweat Science provides the perfect platform for Dustin to share his experience and development in a class setting. Pop into a class and find out how an active competitive boxer prepares for training camps.

What is your hometown?

Calgary, Alberta

Why boxing?

BBoxing kept me out of trouble during my adolescent years and continues to keep me ontrack long after. I eat better, think better, and live better because of boxing.

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Ambitious, competitive, optimist.

What is your ideal Sunday?

Early morning training followed by an unecessary amount of food and rest. Simultaneously.

Motto to live by:

"You have to be odd to be number one." - Dr. Seuss


Class style:

Boxing technique:  bar 7_copy2

 Overall intensity:  bar 9_copy2

         Killer playlist:  bar 9_copy3