Fran spent most of her life in her home town of Windsor, ON, and just recently moved to Calgary. Fitness was not always a priority in her life, she was a lazy kid who did anything to avoid breaking a sweat. All of that inactivity plus picking up poor eating habits was starting to catch up to her so she decided to try something new. With no passion or direction in life, all of that changed the day she walked into her first group fitness class which was a kickboxing studio. That's when she decided that this was what she wanted to do with her life. The community and energy of the boxing studio is what really drew her in, that's where she found her purpose for helping others change their lives with health and fitness. Fran has a special skill of motivating and empowering people to believe in themselves. It's her mission to prove to you how strong you really are, when you're not letting fear hold you back. She believes that it's not just about the vanity or losing weight, it's about living a better life overall; body, mind and spirit. 

What is your hometown?

Windsor, ON.

Why boxing?

I was never a confident person growing up, I didn't think I would ever be good at anything, until I found boxing. It's where I learned what it felt like to be strong inside and out. Boxing helped me to believe in myself, change my body in ways I never thought possible, and learn to embrace how powerful I truly am. 

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Consistent, Approachable and Kind

What is your ideal Sunday?

Taking it slow, staying in my pjs all day, having pancakes for breakfast, and getting sucked into the Netflix vortex. 

Motto to live by:

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt


Class style:

Boxing technique:  bar6

  Overall intensity:  bar 9_copy2

          Killer playlist:   bar 9_copy