Boxers are taught when throwing punches to rotate there fists inward just before impact... This is a very important part of proper punching technique, here are few reasons why.

1. Wrist and elbow protection: Turning your fist over places your wrist in a position that is able to endure more force and prevents the hyperextension of your elbow. This will Allow you to hit harder without injuring your elbow or wrist.

2. Increased Reach: Rotating your hand starts a chain reaction that incorporates your shoulder and core into the punch making you more stable allowing you to throw further without falling off balance

3. Punching power:  The rotation of your fists invites your entire upper body into the punch allowing you to land with much more force

4. Defence:  this rotation leads to your shoulder rotating up and towards your chin, keeping it protected from counter punches when exchanging

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We were thrilled to open the doors of The Sweat Science Boxing Studio. Calgary has brought us tremendous support, and we are so grateful for our community. Our diverse members have joined together through learning the basics of boxing and a passion for fitness.

Our opening garnered enough of a buzz to attract CTV News to the studio to check us out. Dustin Sutley, The Sweat Science founder and coach, spoke to reporters about the contemporary concept of this company and his fighting history. You can check out the CTV video here!

We would love to have you visit The Sweat Science regardless of your experience and fitness level. Book a bag with us today!