Dustin is the founder of the Sweat Science and the leader of our team. He’s been involved in boxing over 14 years and plans on being intimately involved with the sport for the rest of his life. He started his own boxing apprenticeship under the number one ranked cruiserweight in Canadian history, Dale “The Cowboy” Brown, and racked up an impressive 4-1 professional record with all four wins by way of knockout. Dustin later retired due to a recurring ankle injury, allowing him time to transition into a coaching role.

Dustin likens the process of training boxers to molding clay, or teaching someone a new language. Shown the ropes by some of the best professional fighters and trainers in the game, his students learn to box the right way. And when they spend time training with him, their elevated level of technical proficiency is immediately apparent, distinguishing them from casual participants of the sport.

What is your hometown?

Okotoks, AB.

Why boxing?

Because when I was a little boy and the other kids wanted to be astronauts or firemen, I was different; I just wanted to be the toughest guy in the room.

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Passionate, persistent, authentic.

What is your ideal Sunday?

Sleeping in, eating all the food, turning my brain off and relaxing. I go non-stop from Monday through Saturday, so I need my Sunday’s to recharge the batteries.

Motto to live by:

If you’re going to do something … do it right.



Class style:

Boxing technique:  bar 9_copy1

 Overall intensity:  bar 9_copy2

         Killer playlist:  bar 9_copy3