Sweat Science Boxing Studio provides high intensity boxing based classes for beginners and experts alike. Our studio was designed as a modern training facility with Ali-era vibes, combined with premium amenities. Our clients will learn how to box from trainers that instruct with an emphasis on proper form and technique, avoiding punches or getting hit. We offer a range of classes from Boxing 101, HITFIT, Boxing Bootcamps, Pads Classes, Sparring, and Youth Boxing.




Read our tips for your first visit to Sweat Science Boxing Studio. 
First tip; aim to arrive 15 minutes before your first class. Second tip; have fun!




Meet Joe Tarrant, a regular who has now lost 100+ pounds, from 360 to 260. 

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"I highly recommend The Sweat Science if you're looking to add something new to your workout routine, get in great shape and learn proper boxing technique. All the instructors are amazing and friendly, not intimidating what so ever. My favourite place in Calgary!"

"I have finally found a gym that I LOVE going to! All of the instructors are approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. I enjoy every minute of class. I recommend The Sweat Science to everyone!"

"Finally someone got it RIGHT, thank you for offering an AUTHENTIC boxing experience! Really appreciated that the class was taught by a seasoned boxer who spent the right amount of time properly going over technique and combinations. Boxing is a very technical sport, and without those foundations, you're missing out on the actual benefits of the best workout of your life. No fluff, real stuff. Highly recommend you give them a try, they have a lifer in me for sure. Hitting a bag in the dark might be fun, but it's not boxing. These guys are killing it."

"Awesome space, with kick-ass trainers. I totally recommend it if you're looking for a great workout. I love picking up the basics of boxing and getting to blow off some steam at the same time. Five stars all the way!

"Style and substance. Not only do they show you proper form and how not to injure yourself, but it's a ton of fun. After months of boxing, I'm still having a blast and sweating a ton."

"Dynamic, high energy, and fun! The coaches are professional and very knowledgable in regards to boxing technique. You actually learn to box while getting a killer workout!"





1406 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0T5

403 998 6129

Monday - Friday: 11 AM - 8 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 8 AM - 2 PM

* We are also open 30 minutes before early morning classes