After graduating high school I moved to South Carolina where I played NCAA soccer for two years as a goal keeper. From there I felt the need to come home and changed schools to the University of Calgary where I played a season with the Dino’s before leaving the team due to injury. Having to leave a sport you love due to circumstances you cannot control was very difficult. I consider myself a competitive person and always drive myself to do the best I can weather that’s in sport, professionally or in day to day life. 

What is your hometown?

Regina, Saskatchewan

Why boxing?

Two years ago Coach Dustin introduced me to boxing. I was looking for a sport I could grow and develop in day after day. Boxing gives you that opportunity as you can continually develop both on your own and in a group setting. 

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Committed, balanced, adventurous.

What is your ideal Sunday?

Staying active, exploring the outdoors, and listening to my record collection.


Motto to live by:

Hakuna Matata


Class style:

Boxing technique:     8 bar

  Overall intensity:    bar 9_copy2

          Killer playlist:    bar 9_copy