While working as a Counselor with at-risk youth, Mike discovered Muay Thai as his physical and spiritual outlet. For Mike, doing pad work and martial arts was often as effective as sitting in an office talking through issues. As a kickboxer, Mike travelled to Thailand where he trained and competed in full contact Muay Thai. After an injury forced him from Muay Thai, Mike fell in love with boxing. After losing his first professional boxing match, he made some drastic lifestyle changes and has knocked out all his opponents since.

Mike believes there is a something unique about a boxing class or training session. “How many times in life can you walk into a building, commit to an activity for an hour, and walk out of that building literally a stronger person?” he says.

What is your hometown?

Sherwood Park, AB.

Why boxing?

Getting in the ring and testing yourself in a genuine and public way is scary. I am more scared of being scared than anything else. So I box, and everything else is easy.

Choose three words to describe yourself:

Introspective, curious, disciplined.

What is your ideal Sunday?

Coffee, books, more coffee, train, breakfast with more coffee, book on a beach or somewhere beautiful, more training, dog park, good dinner, bed.

Motto to live by:

I’m appropriating discipline which equals freedom.


Class style:

Boxing technique:  bar 9

Overall intensity:   bar 9_copy

         Killer playlist:  bar 7_copy1